Block-modular boiler houses


Block-modular steam-boiler system is a total completed equipment set, which is absolutely ready to operate after installation and connection to utilities.

Equipment produced by «Ural-Power» company

«Ural-Power» is a production company specialized in block-modular boiler houses with the heat capacities from 0,1 to 40 MW. The boiler houses equipment is classified according to the categories of fuel used:

Installing properties

Modular (MBU), block-modular (BMBU) or mobile (MSBU) units are composed of a single or several sections are delivered to construction site. The units completed with heating boilers, pumps, heating exchanger devices, tanks and other additional equipment of smokestacks.

Installation of block-modular units and its connection to utilities is provided after cementing of base and QA/QC control. Installation and commissioning of the equipment is carried out within one day, depending on a structural complexity of the design and a differing site condition.

Key benefits of «Ural-Power» block-modular boiler systems:

  • decreasing of time for unit installation at construction site, there is no need for the building-up of additional structures;
  • small size and weight of the product, that leads to lower transportation costs;
  • design and production according to typical projects;
  • «ready-to-operate» products are all time in existence in the storage facilities;
  • easy assembling and disassembling, ability for transportation the units to a new operation site;
  • old equipment does not lose efficiency at the end of the lifecycle, it easily can be sold or given on rent.

Ural-Power block-modular boiler houses available to order now. The price of block-modular boiler house depends on technical specification, dimensions and installation grade. You can receive the cost estimations from our specialists, please, contact us by phone or use a feedback form.