About Us

«Ural-Power» company successful produces and sales a boiler equipment since 2006.

Branded company’s specialization is the production of — boilers and steam-generators running on different types of fuel. The recognition we deserved in operation quality and efficiency of the units manufactured at our plant during the presence of the company at the market of power facility production.

The company developed huge potential in processing, intelligent and innovative assets, engineering human resources. We always improve engineering development, along with it, conduct various technical researches. Accumulated investment opportunities allow us to participate in the partners’ projects. Within the scope of our branded specialization, we are proud of more than 3440 produced boilers and industrial steam-generators successfully used at the territory of Russia and the CIS countries.

Directing the queries, you will get a full range of services, from «zero» cycle on out to the acceptance tests of produced equipment:

  • project engineering of the equipment;
  • project approving in State Expertise and Industrial Safety Expertise of the Russian Federation;
  • production;
  • installation;
  • technical maintenance and supervision;
  • commissioning and control testing;
  • facility handover;
  • registration in supervisory authorities;
  • in-process maintenance.


Quality Management Systems of the company is always ready for thorough execution of clients’ requirements, requirements of legislative documents in engineering and design along with achieving of high quality of the products. The personnel staff is regularly under necessary profile training and advanced training courses, the used production equipment is also in due time updated and upgraded.

We are absolutely sure in our engineering staff and ready to meet the most uncommon tasks’ challenges from the Customers. Ural-Power engineers’ experience of was already applied on various heat power and industrial facilities, during construction of the power centers, modular boiler-houses, CHP and Mini-CHP(TPS).

Our main priority is providing the Customers with the reliable and high-efficiency equipment for further mutually cooperation!