Stationary boiler houses


«Ural-Power» company provides design and construction of stationary boiler houses and realizes both a full complete set and separate modules.

Stationary boiler house is a stand-alone building, built-in structure or attached to an existing capital building that requires an own project’s design. During design engineering, special attention is paid to the foundation and enclosing structures, such as walls and roofs.

Key benefits of «Ural-Power» stationary boiler houses

  • Capacity — up to 40 MW.
  • Running on a different types of fuel (gas, fuel oil, coal).
  • Implementation of all parts of the project. The company performs different types of work: foundation construction (cementing), construction of buildings, installation of the equipment (boilers, heat exchangers, pumps, etc.), connection of pipelines and communications.
  • Equipment commissioning.
  • Ability to configure the automatic mode of operation of the units, eliminating the constant participation of staff in the process.
  • Based on own spent years in logistics solutions (own special equipment, transport, construction and installation teams) the price is low in case of «ready-to-operate» ordering.
  • Individual engineering design. Our experts will be able to choose the necessary equipment, in cases where you want to take into account the special operating conditions.

You can receive additional information about design and engineering and also get cost estimations from our specialists, please, contact us by phone or use a feedback form.