Steam condensate exchange station


The main purpose of a steam condensate exchange station is collection and pumping of the steam condensate for it further use.

«Ural-Power» company produces and sales the own-produced condensate exchange stations.

«Ural-Power» steam condensate exchange stations are completed with:

  • condensate collection tanks;
  • condensate pumps;
  • water level sensors;
  • resistance temperature detectors for steam temperature measuring;
  • condensate sampling;
  • high-level and low-level alarm indicators;
  • compound pressure gages for overpressure control;
  • pressure relief valves;
  • condensate flow control devices;
  • automation systems and control boxes.

Technical specification of «Ural-Power» steam condensate exchange stations:

  • Capacity: 1 — 50 m3/hour
  • Max. work temperature: up to + 115°С
  • Inlet pressure: 30 — 50 mwc
  • Nominal power: 0,37 – 15,0 kW
  • Pump motor’s protection category: IP 55
  • Control box’s protection category: IP 54

«Ural-Power» steam condensate exchange stations available to be used for:

  • outdoor equipment operating;
  • block-module design (container type);
  • explosion-proof design;
  • based on analog or digital control system;
  • overflow sampler;
  • optional complete set and special equipment production;
  • completed with special materials, for tanks, valves, pipelines, insulating.

A wide-range applying in Industries:

  • Oil & Gas;
  • Food industry;
  • Chemical;
  • Pharmaceutical;
  • Consumer goods manufacturing.

«Ural-Power» steam condensate exchange station is completed with air-pressure tank and all required details set, installed on framing and ready-to-operate.

Use the steam condensate exchange station allows you decrease the costs for installation and commissioning, usually provided by a highly paid personal, save you time for prepare the start of the condensate pumps.

Purchase of the station, you can be ultimate surely that all components installed according to design documentation and the system’s operation reliability!

«Ural-Power» company will carry out production and installation of steam condensate exchange station, as well as all required technical estimations for your successful use of the realized equipment. The price of a steam condensate exchange station depends on the main technical specification. «Ural-Power» steam condensate exchange station available to buy now, you can receive no-cost consultation from our specialists, please, contact us by phone or use a feedback form.