External boiler houses (for installation on a roof)


External boiler houses for installation on a roof are produced with the heat capacities from 0,1MW and more. The boiler houses for installation on a roof (individual heating units) are placed on the upper level of buildings.

Sometimes these boiler houses are called as mini-boiler units. The external boiler houses running on gas fuel (diesel is a reserve type of fuel).

Key benefits of applying and installation of this type boiler houses:

  • Installation of the boiler house on the roof eliminates any need for land acquisition or construction of a separate building for the boiler house.
  • The length of communications becomes less, and ability of unimpeded access to them allows you timely provide technical inspection of the pipelines and the entire heating system.
  • Modular gas-fired boiler houses are ease and safety in operation.
  • Design of internal engineering units for the external boiler houses for installation on a roof is not required. «Ural-Power» company produces gas-fired boiler units in series, issues a passport and certificate of the equipment. The units can be manufactured in parallel with the project design of binding the boiler house and passing the State Expertise.
  • The entire models series of block-modular gas-fired boilers houses (mini boiler units) is supplied with a positive conclusion of Rostekhnadzor expertise, is recognized as safe for using in power facilities and not required of any additional examinations.

The price of gas-fired boiler house depends on technical specification and heating capacity. You can receive consultation to buy Ural-Power boiler house, please, contact us by phone or use a feedback form.