Coal-fired boiler houses


«Ural-Power» company produces block-modular and stationary boiler houses running on coal (Coal-fired boiler houses). Ural-Power coal-fired boiler houses are manufactured according to Model Series.

Coal-fired boiler house is a solid-fuel unit, which mainly running on coal (brown, stone, anthracite).

The main benefit of coal-fired boiler unit is a low price (coal is an inexpensive fuel available in all regions of Russia Federation and the CIS countries).

Functional purpose and applying:

  • Source of heating energy (for residential buildings, public buildings).
  • Providing of heat energy for large-scale production purposes (industrial, coal-mining enterprises, as well as wood processing enterprises).
  • Heat supply of technological processes in small industrial companies (agricultural farms, sawmills).

Key benefits of «Ural-Power» coal-fired modular boiler houses

  • Capacity from 0,1 MW to 40 MW;
  • Own-produced solid fuel boilers with efficiency up to 86%;;
  • Excellent price. Due to the use of own-produced equipment, the cost of a modular coal-fired boiler is reduced by 15%;
  • Ability to provide an individual configuration of the unit (type of boiler) according to the technical requirements of the Customer;
  • Full automation of the processes (non-interrupted supply of coal, air, ash removal, temperature control), allows to reduce production costs;
  • Automatic dispatching. Modern innovative solution is used for automatic control of the unit. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based on GSM module, providing remote dispatching, which does not require 24/7 presence of the operating staff at the facility;
  • Work in difficult climatic conditions. Can be used in Northern latitudes due to the insulation of the frame;
  • Ability to switch on other types of fuel. In cases of emergency coal interruptions running on alternative fuels (wood, waste wood);
  • Equipment Warranty for a period of 5 years for all purchased «Ural-Power» — products.

The offers from «Ural-Power» company

The company offers the production of the coal-fired boiler houses in the shortest time - up to three weeks. At the same time, the modular units up to 5 MW in a full complete set can be in existence and delivered immediately or a few days after the order.

The delivery time of heating equipment and its «ready-to-operate» installation is affected by the actual location of all units, as well as a number of other conditions (preparing of foundation, utilities), which implementation guaranteed the timely connection and commissioning of all modules.

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