Gas water-heating boilers

Gas water-heating boilers – one of the main production line of «Ural-Power» company.

Model Series (technical specification) of «Ural-Power» gas water-heating boilers with a wide capacity range.

Industrial water-heating boilers running on gas fuel

Production of the industrial water-heating boilers states as one of the main priority of «Ural-Power» company.

The major technical specification items of the water-heating boilers:

  • efficiency no less than 93%;
  • capacity– from 20 kW to 10 000 kW.


Information about of the wide capacity range is available in technical specification for Model Series listed below:

  • water-heating boilers, series RSA
  • water-heating boilers, series RSD
  • water-heating boilers, series RSP
  • water-heating boilers, series RSH (1x)
  • water-heating boilers, series RSH (2x)


It is may be required to use alternative fuel – diesel (fuel oil) for the equipment, design of the water-heating boilers allows you easily use it. We will make some changes in design of the water-heating boiler, in case of it’s necessary for the Customer. For example, it is possible to built-in supplementary equipment for storage (a fuel storage tank) and reserve fuel supply (a burner).

Using of such complete set can be justified in case of fuel's disruption supply risk or providing the continuality of operation cycle.

Key benefits of «Ural-Power» industrial gas water-heating boilers:

  • working lifecycle is not less than 10 years;
  • light-sized and light-weight (available for external boiler-house installation, for installation on a roof);
  • ease of assembling and fixing (all equipment completed with replaceable parts);
  • service availability (main equipment parts are ease of examination);
  • no requirements for chemical compounds of water;
  • allowable noise level for indoor installation;
  • certifying and validation in the Russian Federation and the CIS counties.

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