Gas steam-generator ICI Caldaie EVX-8000
  • Steam Capacity: 13600 kg / hour

    Useful power: 9302 kW

    Steam Pressure: 80-115 kgf / cm²

    Fuel: gas

    Dimensions (L x W x H): 6300x2650x3000 mm

    Net weight: 7200 Kg


Basic complete set

Flanges PN 16 UNI 1092-1

  • steam bleeding valve;
  • safety valve according to INAIL;
  • reflex level indicator Klinger-type completed with insolation and drain valves;
  • manometer with the big dial with and three-way valve according to INAIL.

Water supply system for evaporation including the following equipment:

  • centrifugal water pump and electric motor according to INAIL, for water supply with a temperature of 90 °C, installed on the boiler’s basis;
  • 2 insolation valves;
  • filter on an input line;
  • insolation valve.

Drain disposal system at the bottom of generator including the following elements:

  • flow-actuated explosion isolation valve;
  • male thread valve;
  • automatic water-level controller with control sensors for the pump output flow;
  • low-level safety indicator;
  • pressure switch high;
  • safety pressure switch with manual reset;
  • blow-off flow indicator.

Boiler’s control box, protection category IP 54:

  • on-off switch;
  • level control relay;
  • low-level sensor relay;
  • alarm indicator and high pressure reset button;
  • alarm indicator and low-level reset button;
  • warning horn.

* The specified data for a complete set bear informative character and can be changed by approving with the customer.