Electric steam-boiler UPE-700
  • Steam Capacity: 700 kg / hour

    Power: 500 kW

    Electrical rating: 680-715 А

    Steam Pressure: 1 - 16 atm

    Steam Temperature: 114°C - 205°C

    Power control: 25 - 100%

    Net weight: 300 кг


Complete set of «Ural-Power» electric steam-boiler includes: case of the steam-boiler (Russia), burner (Italy), safety valves (Germany), feedwater pump (Italy), air pressure switch (Denmark), shutoff valves (Italy), control panel (Russia), steam column (water level indicator, manometers, water level sensors) (Russia).

Supplementary equipment for «Ural-Power» electric steam-boiler includes: economizer (Russia), deaerator (Russia), steam superheater (Russia), automatic blow-off (Italy), water treatment unit, condensate exchange unit, standby feedwater pump, PLC based control panel (Germany).

* The specified data for a complete set bear informative character and can be changed by approving with the customer.

** Consists of two blocks UPE-350.