Water-heating boiler gas-fired RSA-40
  • Heat power: 40 kW

    Heating agent temperature return (min.)/supply (max.): +60/+95°C

    Max. heating agent pressure: 0,6 MPa

    Fuel: gas

    Fuel consumption: natural gas 5,0 m³/hour, LNG 3,5 kg/hour

    Boiler water volume: 18 L

    Weight, no more: 220 kg


The water-heating boiler "RSA 40" is made on the basis of a double-row grid coil (double-row heat exchanger) and equipped with energy-dependent automation system NOVA 820 (Italian production).

Heat power kW 40
Efficiency, no less % 93
Heating area

Inlet gas pressure, nominal:
       -natural gas mmWC 250
       -LNG mmWC 280
Fuel consumption:
       -natural gas m³/hour 5,0
       -LNG kg/hour 3,5
Heating agent temperature return (min.)/supply (max.) С° +60/+95
Boiler water volume L 18
Max. heating agent pressure MPa 0,6
Heat-transfer agent consumption, nominal m³/hour 1,5
Flow resistance MPa 0,005
Furnace volume 0,017
Exit gas temperature С° 110
Excess air factor kW 1,8-2,2
Weight, no more kg 56